Evan Freed Affidavit

1. I, Evan Phillip Freed, declare as follows:
I am an attorney at law, duly licensed to practice in this State.
During the Presidential Campaign of 1968, I was a full time college student at California State University, and was also working part-time as a photographer for Copley News Service and the Culver [...]

Sirhan Trial Testimony

Q.                  Now then do you remember asking anybody where you could get coffee?
Sirhan         I don’t remember – I could have – but I don’t remember, although I found some coffee, sir.
Q.                  When you say you found some coffee was there something that you saw?
Sirhan         Yes, sir, there was a big urn (gesturing).
Q.                  [...]

Sirhan Blog

Sirhan Sirhan
I went to a play in West Hollywood with my friend Rachel Menowitz.  She is a nice Jewish girl who hates Jesus but at least I don’t have to dumb down my vocabulary when on a date.  We have an unspoken détente.  She doesn’t insist I wear one of those Beanie and Cecil hats [...]

Michael Ironside

“She must be beautiful,” he said.  I looked up at the voice at the other end of the bar.  “You’re mixing your drinks,” he explained.  He was right.  She was beautiful.  The type of beauty you have to use all of your concentration not to stare at.  She was Eurasian, this mixed with that.  Whatever [...]

Paul Schrade

I got a call from Marian Teeter.  She is the mother of Lawrence Teeter, Sirhan’s long time attorney.  Apparently Munir Sirhan, the brother of Sirhan Sirhan, called her checking me out.  Fortunately Marian had recently inquired of a local librarian if there were any JFK assassination books she could recommend.  The librarian recommended my book, [...]

Veronica Hart

On my way to L.A. after starring in a community theater production of “Lovers and Other Strangers” in South Lake Tahoe, I decided on a stop over in Las Vegas.  Why not spend the summer months in Vegas and see what mischief I could get into before taking Hollywood by storm.  I was 22, good [...]

Frank Burns, Jr.

Frank Burns, Jr. was a friend of Robert Kennedy and was on stage when Kennedy gave his victory speech.  Mr. Burns was also standing next to Kennedy in the pantry when the senator was shot.  I had some questions for him.  When I called to arrange an interview he was most reluctant.  Everything he has [...]

Chuck Norris

I’m on stage with Chuck Norris doing an improvisation.  Estelle Harman, our acting coach, likes to throw different personalities together and watch the fireworks.  Chuck is accusing me of stealing his wallet and insists I show him the wallet in my pocket.  I hand him my wallet and he looks [...]

Vince di Pierro

Q Let’s start off with your name first of all, okay?
A. Okay, Vincent Di Pierro.
Q. How do you spell the last name?
A. D-I capital P-i-e-r-r-o.
Q. Do you have a middle name, [...]

Frank Merritt

Mr. Merritt was a security guard at the Ambassador Hotel on June 5, 1968.  He was assigned to the main doors of the Embassy Room when a woman ran out of the serving pantry and yelled, “My God, we need a doctor.  Kennedy’s been killed.” Merritt stated that he drew [...]

Charlton Heston

I auditioned for a play in West Hollywood at Thad Taylor’s Globe Theater.  Mr. Taylor built the theater to resemble the famous Globe Theatre in London to house his beloved Shakespeare productions.  I previously saw a production of Cyrano de Bergerac with DeVeren Bookwalter as Cyrano at the Globe.  He [...]


I’m at a record store on Hollywood Blvd.  I see a poster of some new group, Vanity 6.  Never heard of them.  But it’s the girl in the middle of the photo that draws my attention.  Young, beautiful, mulatto, long hair, dressed in a man’s suit, staring right back at [...]


I’m rolling into Dallas.  Having written JFK vs CIA I’m finally visiting the scene of the crime.  Seeing the Texas School Book Depository looming large in the distance is thrilling.  Too bad the murder of a president is the source of this excitement.  There is a parking lot above Elm [...]

When does one stop loving?

When does one stop loving someone?  A year?  Five years?  A lifetime?  The half smile she flashes when slightly amused.  Her laugh at an unexpected joke.  “Don’t look at me.”  The Velvet Turtle.  Red Onion first time seeing her.  Chasing her into a dress shop the second.  “You look like [...]

Movie Night

Michael:  Let’s go see this film.
Ruth:   Who is naked?
Michael:  How should I know?
Ruth:   Does it have sub-titles?
Michael:  No, why?  Can’t you read?
Ruth:   Are the actors still alive?
Michael:  Yes.  It stars Billy Bob Thornton, a really good actor.
Ruth:   Who else is in it?
Michael:  I’m sure other actors.  It’s not a monologue.
Ruth:   I’ll ask you one more time.  Who is the girl?
Michael:  halle [...]

Senator Gloria Romero

September 13, 2007
Senator Gloria Romero
149 S. Mednick Avenue, Suite 203
East Los Angeles, CA  90022
Dear Senator Romero:
It was a pleasure meeting you at the rally on the steps of City Hall in Los Angeles a few weeks ago.  You asked me to find out what specifically were Sirhan’s complaints at Corcoran [...]

Tyra Banks

“You know Tyra Banks?” I asked.  Someone in the office had tipped me.  “I’m her aunt,” Gloria smugly replied.  You must be from the dark side of the family, I thought but for once thankfully kept my mouth shut.  Now I was embarrassed and not a little shamed.  Surely sitting [...]

Keith Hernandez

Went out to Dodger Stadium to watch the game.  More of a pilgrimage that I purposely had been putting off.  Inside the stadium I heard my name called and recognized the voice.  John Hernandez, my little league and youth league baseball coach and father of Keith Hernandez, first baseman for [...]

The Dog Whisperer

I hate my friend Rachel’s car.  It’s a Mercedes Jeep something.   You hop into it like you’re climbing into a stagecoach.  The seats are uncomfortable, you can’t see out the back window and must use a camera to see anything behind you.  Each time I enter it I remind [...]

Sharon Stone

Called to do background work on a television show I arrived at Manhattan Beach Studios at 3:00 p.m.  An afternoon call time means we’ll be shooting throughout the evening.  I was told by casting to bring a suit and I would be filming a courtroom scene.
After changing into my suit [...]

Pat Boone

One Sunday morning I was driving down Sherman Way in the Valley passing “Church on the Way” when I noticed a drop dead gorgeous blonde Viking queen walking toward the entrance.  Too young for me I thought, but isn’t everyone.  I made a U turn and drove into the Church [...]

Sun Valley Middle School

“You fat bitch.”  The middle school student was addressing his female PE coach who was taking attendance.  I was so angry I was tempted to pick the student up and toss him twenty yards to teach him some manners.  As a substitute teacher I was taking role of my own class [...]

High School Confidential

A friend of mine, a high school English teacher with the Los Angeles Unified School District, asked me to substitute teach for her.  Teachers are given a one hour student free prep period each day and I took the time to read the student essays on the bulletin board.  These are [...]

Coast to Coast

I spoke to producer Tom Danheiser on the phone and he asked me why he had never heard of me.  I told him I was content that citizens who absolutely must know the truth about the JFK assassination find my book and although I’m a terrific researcher and writer I’m not [...]

Cathy O’Brien

Rachel and I agreed to meet in front of Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood.  The Hollywood-Highland complex has abundant parking and Rachel coming from West L.A. and myself, the Valley, it’s a convenient compromise place to meet.  I haven’t told her what the surprise is because I’m disinclined to let [...]