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October 9th, 2009

Michael Ironside

“She must be beautiful,” he said.  I looked up at the voice at the other end of the bar.  “You’re mixing your drinks,” he explained.  He was right.  She was beautiful.  The type of beauty you have to use all of your concentration not to stare at.  She was Eurasian, this mixed with that.  Whatever she was it came out magically.  We met a few days before and agreed to later meet at Dan Tana’s.  “You’re Michael Ironcloud,” I ventured.  “Ironside,” he corrected, “and it’s Scot not Indian.”  I had seen him in a low budget film a year before at the World Theater way down on Hollywood Boulevard.  Back then you could see three films for a handful of change as long as you could stand the niggers shouting back at the screen.  I thought, what is this talented actor doing in this piece of crap and I now told the actor in person my observation.  He smiled, picked up his drink and moved to the bar stool next to mine.  “I wrote a forty page biography for that character,” he said.  This is an actor technique.  Write a bio on your character and it may translate on the screen in a better performance.  After the film was released a top Hollywood agent called him in Canada inviting him to Hollywood and guaranteeing him work.  Nice.  I live in L.A. and can’t get in to see any agent.  It does appear you have to be asked to the dance.

The next few hours are a blur as the two of us spent the afternoon getting plastered.  I remember thinking I was glad Princess stood me up.  Guys talk differently when it’s just us as opposed to when there is a honey in our midst.  I remember we drew up a list of the women we most wanted to have sex with.  He laughed when he saw the name topping my list.  Vanity.  He knew her up in Canada.  Little did I know as my life sped by I would be fortunate to run into my dream girl on three separate occasions.