Senator Gloria Romero

September 13, 2007

Senator Gloria Romero

149 S. Mednick Avenue, Suite 203

East Los Angeles, CA  90022

Dear Senator Romero:

It was a pleasure meeting you at the rally on the steps of City Hall in Los Angeles a few weeks ago.  You asked me to find out what specifically were Sirhan’s complaints at Corcoran Prison.  He has since communicated them to me.

In the aftermath of the 9/11 attack on the Twin Towers, his situation at Corcoran rapidly deteriorated.  A prison guard accused Sirhan of being a “terrorist.”  This was followed by a series of wild accusations that prison authorities accused him of but upon investigation exonerated him.  But as a result of these confrontations, Sirhan feels the guards in particular are prejudiced against him.  With the first accusation he was placed in an isolated cell 24/7 and is still in this living situation.  He would like to be placed in a less restrictive environment.  Yet he also feels his life is in danger and not just from other inmates.  He is afraid to receive visitors because the corridor he must walk to reach the visitors area makes him vulnerable to attack and one inmate was killed in this corridor.

Sirhan says the prison psychiatrists are falsely and purposely writing bad reports to keep him from making parole.  At his last parole hearing there was a misunderstanding/problem that resulted in Sirhan having to wait five years for the next parole hearing and he feels this is unfair.

The bottom line though is he fears for his life at Corcoran and requests a transfer to the prison in Lancaster.  There is a special needs unit there he feels would be appropriate for him.

Off the record it does appear Sirhan was framed for the RFK murder.  I’ve enclosed for your perusal an affidavit from Even Freed, an eyewitness to the assassination.  This affidavit was written in 1992 after Mr. Freed had become an attorney working for the City of Los Angeles.  He tells of seeing a second gunman firing at Kennedy at the same time Sirhan was firing from the front.  It’s this second gunman who fired the fatal shot to the back of the head of Mr. Kennedy.

Thank you for your attention.


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