Coast to Coast

I spoke to producer Tom Danheiser on the phone and he asked me why he had never heard of me.  I told him I was content that citizens who absolutely must know the truth about the JFK assassination find my book and although I’m a terrific researcher and writer I’m not much of a salesman.  He enthusiastically told me to drop off my book and new RFK material at the radio station and I did so.  Never heard from him again.

Several months later I saw that George Noury, the host of Coast to Coast AM, was to make an appearance at the Conscious Life Expo at the Hilton near LAX.  I determined to meet him and hand him my book.  George arrived at the “meet and greet” as he calls it and addressed the crowd.  He really is quick on his feet and I enjoyed his witticisms as he played with the audience.  Afterward anyone wanting to meet him stood in line and I took my place.  I handed him a copy of my book and told him I was in contact with Sirhan Sirhan.  I suggested I be interviewed on his show as I had many new revelations about the RFK murder.  I saw producer Tom standing nearby getting a little nervous as it dawned on him who I was.  I added a friend of mine, Shane O’Sullivan of Great Britain, has a documentary and book coming out on the RFK assassination and they should interview him as well.  I could tell by their furtive glances they were aware of Shane and his projects.  I thanked Mr. Noury for his time and departed.

Nothing.  Never heard from George or Tom or anyone from Coast to Coast.  Mind you this is a radio program that interviews citizens who are in contact with extra-terrestrials including the dreaded Reptilian Species.  Anything but the truth, huh, George!  Nothing about Richard Helms organizing both Kennedy brothers murders and then handing CIA over to David Rockefeller and his economic elite thugs.  “Time Travelers” yes but nothing about three buildings in NYC collapsing when only two were struck by airplanes.  Plenty of ghost stories though.  Keep up the good work George.

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