Sirhan Trial Testimony

Q.                  Now then do you remember asking anybody where you could get coffee?

Sirhan         I don’t remember – I could have – but I don’t remember, although I found some coffee, sir.

Q.                  When you say you found some coffee was there something that you saw?

Sirhan         Yes, sir, there was a big urn (gesturing).

Q.                  You are indicating about three and a half feet in width?

Sirhan         Yes, sir, it was a very big one.

Q.                  What color was it?

Sirhan         It was shiny.  I don’t know what color it was.

Q.                  Like silver?

Sirhan         Yes, sir, probably.

Q.                  Were there coffee cups around it?

Sirhan         There were piles and piles of saucer cups and saucers.

Q.                  No mirrors?

Sirhan         There were no mirrors there.

Q.                  Did you see any people there?

Sirhan         I don’t remember, sir.  I was so glad to have found the coffee that that was the only thing on my mind, sir.

Q.                  Did somebody pour you a cup of coffee?

Sirhan         No, as I was pouring my own coffee some girl came up and said that she wanted some coffee too, and I like my coffee with cream and sugar, lots of cream, and that’s exactly the way she liked it.

Q.                  Did that surprise you?

Sirhan         Well, I thought I was the only one that liked too much cream in his coffee.  So I gave her the cup that I had meant for myself and poured myself another cup.

Q.                  Was that girl alone or was there someone with her?

Sirhan         I don’t remember exactly, sir.

Q.                  Do you have any idea approximately how old she was?

Sirhan         About my age.

Q.                  A good looking girl?

Sirhan         Beautiful.

Q.                  Did you engage her in conversation?

Sirhan         As long as the coffee was being served I told her how I would like to drink some coffee too.

Q.                  How much coffee did you have, if you recall?

Sirhan         I don’t remember, sir, how much.

Q.                  What happened next?

Sirhan         I don’t remember.

Q.                  What was the next thing you did?

Sirhan         The next thing I remember, sir, I was being choked.

Q.                  Do you remember anything between the time you had the coffee, anything?

Sirhan         No, sir.  No, I don’t remember.

Q.                  Now, you have heard the testimony in here of at least a dozen witnesses I suppose?

Sirhan         Yes.

Q.                  That you were standing in the pantry?

Sirhan         That is what I later learned in this court, sir.

Q.                  Well, you learned it before that?

Sirhan         Yes, I did, Mr. Parsons, that is.

Q.                  That you walked up to Senator Kennedy and put a gun toward his head, possibly within an inch or two and you pulled the trigger and he eventually died?

Sirhan         Yes.  I was told this.

Q.                  Now, you believe it is true?

Sirhan         Obviously, sir.

Q.                  Now after you were choked, you remember being choked?

Sirhan         I was choked, yes, quite severely.

Q.                  Do you remember the people who were choking you?

Sirhan         No, I don’t even know.

Q.                  As you were being choked it hurt you?

Sirhan         I don’t know who was doing the choking but he was doing a good job at it.

Q.                  What do you next remember?

Sirhan         I remember getting to the car, the police car, and one of the policemen pulling my hair and jerking my head backwards and putting a light for a long time in my eyes.

Q.                  Let me ask you this.  Did you know in the early morning hours, that is after midnight of the 4th and the early morning hours of the 5th of June, that you had shot Senator Robert Kennedy?

Sirhan         No, sir, I did not.

Q.                  When was the first time that you remembered that you were accused of shooting Senator Robert Kennedy?

Sirhan         When this Mr. Jordan, and this is the only man that I remember, because of his name, Jordan; that he took me to his courtroom and I was in front of a lady Judge.  I remember that.  I couldn’t believe it, sir.

Q.                  Now, let me ask you this, Sirhan.  You have told this jury that when you came to the Ambassador Hotel that night you didn’t come there with any intention of shooting Kennedy, is that right?

Sirhan         That is correct, sir.

Q.                  You don’t remember shooting him?

Sirhan         I don’t remember shooting him.

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