Sharon Stone

Called to do background work on a television show I arrived at Manhattan Beach Studios at 3:00 p.m.  An afternoon call time means we’ll be shooting throughout the evening.  I was told by casting to bring a suit and I would be filming a courtroom scene.

After changing into my suit in a bathroom which we’re not suppose to do, I walked over to the holding room for background talent as we prefer to be called.  I noticed a very attractive blonde sitting in a chair in front of the security guard’s desk.  I took note how much she looked like Sharon Stone and as I passed her I realized, “That is Sharon Stone.”  She was on the phone speaking seriously and as the holding room was behind the security desk I couldn’t help overhearing the conversation. She insisted on speaking to the doctor claiming to be family.  The doctor came on the line and gave her the bad news.  Miss Stone then called the family member with the diagnosis.  She immediately began convincing this person they can beat whatever the affliction was and to start visualizing its destruction.

The conversation was becoming too personal and I removed myself from the room walking outside and crossing over to another stage.  I found craft services and helped myself to a cup of coffee.  Slowly I walked back hoping Miss Stone had finished her conversation.  As I got to the stage where we would be filming, Miss Stone lay prone on the top step crying her soul out in torment.  Why was no one helping her?  Disgusted, I put the coffee on the step and reached down to help her to her feet.  As our eyes met all the pain in the world came pouring out.  Just then her two female assistants grabbed Miss Stone, helping her up and bringing her to an empty room where she could grieve in private.  I entered the holding area and waited to be called to the set, thinking that would be the last we would be seeing of Miss Stone for the night.

Forty five minutes later we were called to the set and each background actor was placed throughout the courtroom.  Within minutes Sharon Stone arrived on the set.  I was shocked.  Her hair and makeup was perfect and her attitude was such that if you didn’t know you would never have guessed at the tragedy that had just befallen her.  She had put the bad news in a box and was ready to work.  A professional.  For the next six hours she filmed her scenes never missing a line, always in the moment, never complaining.  A female extra, overweight, had been standing for hours and was plainly exhausted.  Miss Stone noticed and commiserated with her.

I’ve always been impressed with Miss Stone’s beauty and sheer talent but that night I walked away impressed with her character.  Sharon Stone – last of the great broads.

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