Veronica Hart

On my way to L.A. after starring in a community theater production of “Lovers and Other Strangers” in South Lake Tahoe, I decided on a stop over in Las Vegas.  Why not spend the summer months in Vegas and see what mischief I could get into before taking Hollywood by storm.  I was 22, good looking, ambitious, talented with a sense of entitlement.  I was the perfect budding actor.  In the Las Vegas newspaper I saw an advertisement for a “Brecht” play at the University.  Sitting in the small theater I watched the play thinking I could do better.  When it ended I thought, so that’s “Brecht.”  Overrated.  As the theater audience lined up to leave I noticed a quite lovely girl, well built, standing fascinatingly alone.  A quiet boldness separate from her beauty made her special.  I had to speak to her or forever regret my cowardice.  I don’t remember what I said to her but we ended up at a restaurant.  Her name was Jane Hamilton and what an aristocratic sounding name I thought.  While dining I noticed a painting of a bare breasted young woman on the wall next to our table.  It looked very much like the girl I was sitting with.  Dare I ask?  I didn’t.  If she said the painting was of her I’d spend the rest of the evening staring at the breasts in the painting and then back at her sitting across from me.  Not cool.  She’s the one who picked the restaurant and the table so I had to play cool in whatever kind of game she was testing me.

We ended back at my apartment and she said she wanted me to remember her so she wouldn’t screw me but instead do something special so I would remember her.  She did and I remember.

As the years passed I kept expecting to run into Jane in Hollywood.  Hollywood is after all a small town and as a Dramatic Arts Major she would be leaving for L.A. after graduation.  Certainly I would meet her at a party or an actor’s workshop or in a play or at an audition.  I never did.

It was only recently that I learned famed porn actress Veronica Hart was aka Jane Hamilton.  I guess she did make it to Hollywood.  And I have to find out now?

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